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THIS or THAT with Christa Simpson & J.C. Hannigan

Woman on a wooden bridgeAre you ready for this? This is like speed dating only author-style.

Your head will be spinning with details about Author J.C. Hannigan and her life in mere seconds. Ready? And… Go!

Singing or dancing?

I like a bit of both to be honest! But I’m truthfully not very good at either, even if alcohol sometimes tricks me into thinking I am…

Sweet or Sassy?

I’m a little sweet with a whole lot of sass.

Spicy or Mild?

Well I love spicy food, but I’ll eat mild too. I just love food, okay? Okay.

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Release Day Blitz: Beautifully Broken by Christa Simpson

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Matt is good at fixing things . . . but he quickly learns that people are a little more difficult to put back together.

Matthew Knight is a ladies man. He’s as handsome as he is sinister, with a natural charm that wows the skirt off every woman he passes. Having already had a piece, Felicia knows how dangerous it can be getting too close to all that raw masculine power. If she’s learned anything from their scandalous weekend together, it is that spontaneity leads to chaos. Still choking on guilt from his untimely accident, she refuses to let him in. Matt wants in, and he can be very persuasive.

He will do anything to ruffle Felicia’s feathers and she will stop at nothing to hide how much she enjoys it every time he does. He refuses to surrender until she caves and gives him what he wants —what he’s wanted all this time —her.

When the pair reunite, their chemistry explodes off the charts, but can Felicia harness her frozen emotions and resist him? Although Matt comes armed with all the right words, can he prove to her that she means more to him than another weekend rendezvous? Witness the power struggle and see who comes out on top.

NOW AVAILABLE! (Sale price!)

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closeup of a young business man fixing his tie while looking at


Matt wakes with a beautiful woman curled up next to him. He wraps her in his arms and holds her tightly. He’d given her the entire day and night to think. He quit with the tricks of seduction and they’d spent a good amount of time just talking and hiking and swimming. He had to keep busy to keep his mind straight after all. He has to face the facts. His heart is on the line. If this angel leaves him today, he fears he’ll be miserable for a long time to come.

His stomach twists with anxiety at the thought that she might not want to see him again. No, he can’t think that way. She has to want more. She is perfect for him.

Matt drags his lips across her neck and presses kisses across her beautiful chest. Felicia’s eyelashes flutter open and she stretches an arm out to the sky with a yawn. She draws her arm back into her body and sinks into him.

Her voice is soft and sleepy. “This is nice.”

Matt growls, drawing from his twisted thoughts. His lips trail down a flat abdomen. “Shut that pretty little mouth. Nice is never a word I want to hear coming out of it while I’m pleasing you.”

He showers wet kisses all over her body. “Amazing. Stunning. Life-altering, fine. But nice?” His tongue dips into her belly button. Continue reading “Release Day Blitz: Beautifully Broken by Christa Simpson”

How to Unstack Gmail Messages Within a Conversation

Is there a way to unstack gmail messages within a conversation?

Yes! There is a way to unstack strings and see all emails separately. When you setup a new Gmail account the messages are automatically stacked. I don’t know about you, but that DOES NOT work for us AT ALL. When you’re sending a message to multiple recipients, expecting a response from each and every one of them, it’s so much easier to view them on their own line.

I’d like to share with you how to turn off Gmail’s pesky threaded conversation view and stop the messages from being stacked. Here’s how!

Select the options button (the little gear in the upper right corner); select settings; select “conversation view off” and save the change. That’s it! Problem solved and life made easy!

Here’s an image that might make finding the place a little easier. :-)stacking messages in gmail

If this post helps one lost soul, we at Black Widow Publishing will be happy.

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