Black Widow Publishing is currently accepting submissions!

In particular, we’re looking for character-driven romance novels ranging from sweet to sensual.

Overall, we’re looking for talented authors with a unique voice, entertaining delivery, and fresh ideas. If you throw in an alpha male your editor will thank you.

Although we are most interested in romantic fiction entries, if you have a thriller with underlying romantic elements, by all means, send it! If you’ve written a non-fiction piece that you think will be well received, we’d be happy to consider it. Contemporary, new adult, young adult, paranormal, fantasy, and steamy erotic romances are great, but please no erotica. Adult content is absolutely acceptable, but there must be a plot driving the story.

If you wish to prepare your manuscript for submission, our requirements follow.

Terms and Conditions

Manuscript submission requirements are as follows:

  1. MS Word format;
  2. Cambria size 11 font; and
  3. Single spaced.

Please send us your FIRST CHAPTER ONLY, plus a 3-7 page synopsis detailing your entire story, as attachments to an email. In the body of your email, please tell us why we should choose you to be the next BWP author. Electronic submissions only, please.

***Manuscripts MUST be completed in full prior to your application being considered.***

Editing shall be completed in either Canadian English or American, as directed by the author. All books will be considered for worldwide electronic publishing, at no charge to the author, and paperbacks may be available from our print-on-demand service, at an additional cost.

Black Widow Publishing hereby reserves the right to accept or reject manuscripts of a sensitive nature. If you feel your novel touches on some socially awkward subjects, or if it has content that some readers may find morally unacceptable, please bring this to the attention of your editor immediately. While we appreciate that certain readers enjoy stories that are extremely graphic, we may not wish to attach our brand to such things.

Authors are responsible for submitting their self-edited works to Black Widow Publishing by the agreed upon date. If the manuscript is overdue for a period greater than 24 hours, we reserve our right to proceed to our next project.

Times given by editors in order to complete the project are estimates provided as a courtesy only. Holidays and weekends do not count toward the amount of time given to edit your manuscript. We reserve the right to adjust the times as necessary to complete all assignments. While our editors will make every effort to complete your project in the allotted time, there is no guarantee that delays will not occur. Please allow for such delays when scheduling your release day events and tours, etc.

Contact Us

After having read all of the above terms and conditions, if you wish to submit your manuscript to Black Widow Publishing, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.