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Blurb Edit and Critique ($30.00 USD)

Is your blurb just not cutting it? Do you need a little help making it pop?

Black Widow Publishing will give your current book blurb a fresh look, correct any errors and give it the added edge to help your book find its readers!

Blurb Writing ($60.00 USD)

Each blurb will contain:

  • a tagline;

  • appealing, structured, keyword-loaded description; and

  • a hook (call to action).

Proofread ($0.003 USD per word)

Have you finished editing your final draft and want to be sure you haven’t missed any pesky typos or grammatical errors? Will that misspelled word haunt you for the rest of your publishing days? Maybe a proofread from Black Widow Publishing is what you need to polish your manuscript and make it shine.

A proofread includes an initial read through and an additional read once it has been reviewed by the author. The author will receive a black-lined copy of his or her manuscript, to see what changes are recommended, together with the final version in the event author is agreeable with all of the suggested changes. After said author has reviewed, accepted and/or rejected the recommendations, there will be a second review. This package does not include a third proofread, if further changes are required after the second review.

There is a minimum charge of $60.00 USD for manuscripts under 20,000 words. A 65,000 word manuscript is charged at the rate of $195.00 USD.

Copy-editing ($0.0039 USD per word)

Copy-editing of your final draft will involve a line-by-line edit to correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, terminology, jargon and semantics. We’ll make sure you’re saying what you mean!

This service includes two complete reviews before it is sent back to the author. It does not include a second review after the author approves the changes. The author will receive two manuscripts back from Black Widow Publishing; one of which will show the mark-up, indicating all of the recommended changes and comments on other issues, if any. The other will be a final manuscript with all of the recommended changes made.

There is a minimum charge of $100.00 USD for manuscripts under 28,000 words.

Would you like a sample edit before making a commitment? Black Widow Publishing may offer you a two-page edit, free of charge. Contact us for more details.

Content Editing ($0.02 per word)

Our developmental editors will work with you to improve the basic concept of your story. They will offer specific feedback about the core theme of the book, the underlying premise of the story, the structure, character development, point of view, use of dialogue and sensory description, the polish, style and attitude of narrative voice, pacing and any other points that are in need of attention.

With this service you will receive in-line suggestions (track changes in Microsoft Word) together with an overall report that touches on all the issues.

What our developmental editors don’t do is correct spelling and grammar. That’s the job of a copy-editor, who arrives later in the publishing process.

Let’s face it. Professional, creative input is crucial if an author wants to be competitive in an industry that pumps out thousands of new titles every year. Hire us for this service and we’ll help you steal your readers’ attention and keep it! Contact us for availability.

Not sure if our editors will be the right fit for your manuscript? We offer a 1,000 word sample edit for free. Inquire by email.

Re-edits ($0.003 USD per word)

Has your book been published, however you are unsatisfied with the quality of your previous editor’s service? Do you require a second review of your manuscript after receiving one of the above-noted editorial services? Black Widow Publishing can help.

This service is for previously edited manuscripts only. Our editors reserve the right to deny this service to an author with unpolished or poorly edited works and will refer such author to the recommended service package, as necessary. There is a minimum charge of $60.00 USD for manuscripts under 20,000 words.

All prices shown above are in USD.

If you wish to retain Black Widow Publishing for our editorial services, please contact us at