We were asked on Twitter whether we know the best tips for confident speaking. We do! We’ll happily give you a quick rundown on how to give a speech worth giving or how to public speak with confidence.

1. Expect to be nervous. It’s okay to be nervous. The best of us are. Just be ready for it because it is likely to be the case.

2. Be prepared. Know what you are going to say and why. Since you either arranged the engagement or were asked to speak for this audience, you must have something to offer.

3. Rehearse and rehearse again. Say it out loud. Take notes. Do it again, and again, until you appear poised in your delivery and are more confident about what you have to say. When you feel like you’ve got it, you got it! If you don’t get that feeling, then maybe you need to switch things up.

Practice doesn’t make perfect but it’ll give you a better sense of calm when you start fumbling over your words. If you’ve practiced, you’ll easily be able to stop, take a breath, and get right back on track.

4. Focus on your audience and connect with them. Get started with them before the speech if at all possible.

5. Act confident and visualize success. That alone works wonders! Even introverts can play the part for a short while. To be confident and successful, you must exude confidence. Give it a try! You’ll be surprised how well it works.