Cool features:

  • New Release Alerts are free. Yeah, you heard me correctly. Absolutely free!
  • New Release Alerts are not subject to BookBub’s editorial selection process. Which means all authors can take advantage of this amazing feature.
  • New Release Alerts are sent to an author’s BookBub followers. I heard our collective sigh there. The more followers an author has on BookBub, the more readers will get their alerts. But what if you don’t have many BookBub followers (or any, for that matter)?

We’re thrilled to tell you about a new tool that will allow authors and publishers to promote new releases to BookBub’s audience of power readers. Psst. Yes, it’s free!

Featured New Releases!

I think we can agree that promoting new releases is one of the toughest challenges book marketers face in an increasingly competitive publishing landscape. Imagine if you could find a way to increase the discoverability of your new release and expand the reach of your new book FOR FREE! Featured New Release emails are curated lists of new releases hand-selected by Bookbub’s editorial team and targeted by category. These emails are sent on a weekly basis and include links to purchase the new releases at readers’ retailers of choice.

Why run a Featured New Release for your next launch?

  • Reach millions of readers? Yes, please! Many authors are already getting exposure to their BookBub followers with the free New Release Alerts, but Featured New Releases offer a way to expand that reach to a much broader audience.
  • Target active book buyers. BookBub members are constantly on the hunt for new books to read. Who better to target than an eager, engaged audience of readers?
  • Drive full-price sales. BookBub is well-known as the top platform for promoting discounted books, but it might shock you to learn that 74% of their readers purchase full-priced books as well.
  • Generate exposure. Reaching such a large audience of readers can lead to a higher volume of sales, which helps drive books up retailer bestseller lists. What does this mean for you? Increased visibility for your new release on other sales platforms.

How to Submit Your Book for a Featured New Release

If you have a new book that will be released within the next six months, you can submit it for consideration on the BookBub website here:


We understand each selected book will be scheduled for a feature within the two weeks following its release date. For more information, please consult the current terms of use on the BookBub website.


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